Haldus hadn’t been seen since the battle at Pine Hill, but he finally turned up at the castle to let Yohn know of Alfred’s fate.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-24-05-89

Haldus had found him too late and then gone after the sorcerer, who had departed the region. Haldus brought with him a witness who had heard about Alfred’s imprisonment when the sorcerer had a drink at her establishment.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-27-16-07

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-28-19-73

(Sir Maynard only seems interested in her breast.)

Haldus was upset to hear of the king’s death. He said it was often so, that a king of Matriya did not survive long. It was no comfort, however. He advised Yohn on being a regent until Samira came of age.

At the dinner table, Sir Maynard expressed his wish to retire from the household. He had failed the king and thought someone younger should take up the position of head of the guard.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-13-53-26

Yohn reluctantly agreed. Sir Maynard was old now but had served well. He deserved time in the country.

Sir Maynard was relieved to be relieved of his duties.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-32-19-67

He and Inge moved to a house by the sea.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-53-40-81

Arabella had insisted that Inge join her husband. She didn’t feel in need of a maid, as she spent most of her time grieving in her room.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-57-38-21

Sir Maynard reflected on his life at the new abode while Inge got to know the neighbours.

Meanwhile, their son, Luther, was welcomed to the barracks.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 13-11-59-43

He began his training.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 13-14-33-06



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Richard was finally starting to realise he was facing death. All his dreams of fame and fortune in ruins.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-25-25-23

Meanwhile, his mother, the instigator of the whole plan, had been captured. She was given beggar’s clothing to wear and thrown in a cage.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-27-07-50

There would be no mercy for either of them.

The day of Richard’s execution came. Hivera, still in her cage was made to watch.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-38-14-24

Yohn thought hanging would be too good for either of them, but it was the only death sentence available. Arabella vented her anger at Hivera.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-50-06-89

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-50-34-79

She would have loved to have killed Hivera personally.

Onlookers watched impassively as their king’s murderer hung. Hivera cried out in anguish to see her favourite son die.Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-46-44-16Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-48-02-16

Then it was Hivera’s turn.Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-55-06-13

Yohn stayed around long enough to see that she was dead, then he left.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 11-56-09-93

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-02-04-47

Justice had been done. But it wouldn’t bring back his brother.

Sims2ep9 2018-07-01 12-03-14-12



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A funeral

Samira, who had grown in the interim, was informed of her father’s death.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 13-03-25-94

They would return to the castle, while Inge’s son, Luther, decided to join the ranks at the barracks.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 13-06-44-86

There was much weeping at the chapel.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 12-04-49-62

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 12-11-20-71

Arabella broke down completely.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 12-10-10-07

Sadly, Samira couldn’t get to the funeral in time due to inclement weather.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 12-18-41-93

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Ulric and Alfred

What of Ulric and Alfred?

Ulric was still locked away in the cellar. When he woke he found food.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-35-40-75

However, he still tried crying out for help, even though no-one would hear him.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-44-51-16

However, Primavera was downstairs, thinking to read one of the books there, when she heard a sound.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-45-52-49

She wasn’t sure she heard anything. Perhaps it was the distant cry of a dog or even a wolf. She approached one of the book cases and reached to take a book.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-46-32-25

To her astonishment the book case gave way to reveal a room beyond.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-48-28-41

She was shocked to see a fair-haired boy there. She realised, with horror, that it was Ulric, her nephew.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-52-26-05

“What are you doing here… it is Ulric, isn’t it?”

“I was told I’m here for my safety…” Ulric didn’t know what else to say. Surely, this woman knew. Wasn’t it her house? He didn’t understand.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-50-15-20

“Who told you this?” although Primavera suspected.

“A dark-haired lady in a green dress.”

Primavera was saddened, knowing it was Edwina who had done this.

“Come with me” and she led Ulric through the book case door to the rest of the house. She directed him to where he could wash and wear clean clothes.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-53-47-94

Meanwhile she went in search of Edwina.

Edwina saw her mother approach, an angry expression on her face.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-56-52-58

“What have you done?” At Edwina’s blank expression she went on. “Why was Ulric locked in the cellar?”

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-57-51-80

“He was there for his own safety. Aunt Hivera knew there would be a war and…” she hesitated, seeing the rage in her mother’s face.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-59-35-95

“Don’t tell me. He was supposedly kept safe as an heir should the king die… My sister…” Words could not express her outrage.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 15-58-43-57

She shoved past Edwina to find Ulric.

“I’ll take you home.”

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 16-18-55-01

Ulric’s mother, Virginia, had been beside herself with both her husband and son missing for so long. She was overjoyed to see Ulric again, and he had grown so much!

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 16-32-44-55

Primavera apologised profusely for what her sister and daughter had done, but she could not answer the question of where Alfred was. Hivera would know, Primavera thought savagely.

Poor Alfred was still locked in his tiny cell at the tower of the sorcerer Zaurak.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 16-36-41-02

For whatever reason, whether by intent or forgetfulness, he was not fed by his captor. Alfred prayed for rescue or even a rat he could kill to eat. Sadly no-one and nothing came to him.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 16-47-39-35

He starved to death.



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Richard, meanwhile, had been taken to the dungeon and put in a cage. His surviving men had been hung unceremoniously.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 09-26-49-32

Yohn had been to see him while Jarl lay dying.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 09-32-28-04

He refused to listen to any of Richard’s rants, and had him put in one of the cells.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-07-35-29

However, after Jarl died, Yohn’s anger needed venting, and who better to take it out on than the man who had killed his brother.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 14-52-46-60

Yohn had Richard stripped to the waist and chained up, then told the gaolers to leave.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-12-21-92

Whipping Richard appeased his anger somewhat, but could never bring Jarl back. He would let Richard rot for a time, while it was arranged for his mother to be seized and imprisoned to await her fate.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 12-20-57-91

Richard felt no remorse.

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Yohn visited Jarl to see the extent of his injuries. He was badly hurt, but Yohn was hopeful. “You can prevail, Jarl.” Jarl just smiled weakly. Yohn was worried.

1Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-20-57-41

Jarl’s injury was treated and bandaged and he was dressed carefully. He didn’t want Arabella to see him injured. Arabella had been told and she and Aldan rushed to the castle to be with him, while Inge kept the princess, Samira, safe.

2Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-48-42-49

“You need rest, my love, and you will be back on your feet soon. Promise me.”

“I will” Jarl croaked.

He slept, but he looked pale.

3Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 17-01-46-85

When he woke, he felt he should get up to prove to the queen that he was well. He wanted to see Aldan who had visited while Jarl was sleeping.

He only took a couple of steps before collapsing.

4Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-35-56-30

Arabella heard the thump from nearby and ran to him. She called for help. She knew it had been too soon for him to get up. “Not yet, my love.” she whispered.

6Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-52-23-33

Aldan visited his father but knew in his heart he would never wake. He wanted to be wrong. “Father!”

Jarl didn’t wake. He died soon after. He was laid out on the bed ready to be dressed for a funeral.

5Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-27-15-64

Yohn said farewell to his brother, the king.

7Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 11-57-42-20

He had never known such grief.

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At the castle

Word had got to Jarl that Richard’s men were on the way.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 14-19-46-95

“You must retreat, sire.” Jarl refused. Many of Richard’s men had been killed at Pine Hill. “I will not abandon the castle.”

Sir Maynard informed him that Richard’s arrival was imminent.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 14-34-31-83

“I have nothing to fear. I am well protected.” proclaimed Jarl.

True to his word, Richard stormed the castle with his men, more men than were expected. He immediately sought out the king. Battle was fierce.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 14-45-25-20

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 14-47-05-66

The king’s men appeared to be winning,

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 14-49-32-02

but Richard had broken through and smirked to reach an unarmed king.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 16-33-35-35

“I am come to kill you and claim the throne for Ulric, the rightful heir.”

“Alfred wants none of this.” replied Jarl.

“My cousin, Ulric, will be king, not that traitor of an uncle.”

Jarl sighed, thinking he could talk his way out of this, gaining time for some men to reach him. But, suddenly, Richard lunged, his sword penetrating Jarl. Too late, the king’s men arrived.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 16-46-57-82

Richard was surrounded.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 16-52-43-00

He was seized and grappled to the ground, while Roland rushed to the king’s side.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 10-01-10-25

“He’s alive, I think!”

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 16-57-12-79

Stretcher bearers took Jarl away to be tended, while Richard was taken to the dungeon.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-10 09-58-54-81

Yohn was furious that Richard had got so close. Sir Maynard blamed himself. He had been busy killing men at the front of the castle when he should have been by the king’s side. He would forever hold himself to blame.

Sims2ep9 2018-06-09 16-57-31-40

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