A new beginning

“It doesn’t look much” Lysana looked at the humble building which was her new home.

Her new friend, Donna, looked at her.  “It looks fine to me.”

Lysana sighed.  She had been used to a castle, luxury, servants.  Now here she was in a foreign land with nothing but this black woman called Donna and a small house with little in it.  She supposed she was lucky to have Donna.  The name was strange to Lysana.  She supposed it was a commoner’s name.  Regardless, the woman had agreed to serve her.

Over the coming weeks, Donna had found work in the community as well as serve Lysana as cook and cleaner.  It brought in Simoleons which were vital if Lysana were to build a new queendom.

Lysana met a local man who appeared to be of good breeding.  His name was John.  Looking back, she couldn’t remember his surname but it was not important.  Males always took the female’s surname on marriage – it was the custom where she was from.  John was good-looking and amenable to the ways of her homeland, so he took her surname.  She would not have married him if he expected her to be his in any way.

Donna also married – a man she knew from her previous life.  His name was Jah – another very strange name, thought Lysana.

Donna and Jah lived downstairs in the newly extended house.  Lysana and John had rooms upstairs.  All but Lysana went out to work to earn Simoleons but it still did not seem enough.

Over the years, Lysana and John had two children:  a son first, Lukan, then the necessary daughter for an heir, Lucretia.  Lukan went to the local university but only to find a spouse.   He now lived nearby.  Lucretia was currently at university where she was expected to graduate.  Donna and Jah had a young son, Hano.  He would take over from his parents when they died.  Lysana was pleased with the arrangement.  It was a beginning.


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