Diary entries

Lukan gave me his ideas for baby names for boy and girl.  They sounded good.  He asked me about the Matrya royal naming tradition of girls with names ending in a and boys with names ending in a consonant, and seemed keen to follow this tradition.  I hadn’t realised that I had followed this tradition from home without even thinking.

Lucretia is doing well at the university but says she is very lonely.  There are only five of them in the dormitory and although they seem nice, she said, they are often busy.


Lukan invited me round to his house to meet one of his new neighbours.  As I suspected, he had thought that this man might be suitable for Lucretia who was about to graduate.  I met him.  He seems charming although not the handsomest of men.


We all chatted, not noticing that Rebecca was missing until we heard moaning.  She was outside, on the path while it snowed, giving birth!


It was amazing to witness it, something I had not expected.  Considering the exceptional circumstances, Lukan’s plans for naming went out the window and he named the newborn boy Winter.


Lucretia graduated in her degree in Psychology.  John and I went along to the graduation party.  She had invited Hano (now a teenager) but I advised him to stay home, thinking it inappropriate.  She had not invited Lukan.  It seems the age gap between them means that she barely knows him and does not think of him at all.

We had to make extensions to the house to make room for Lucretia.  As the heir she needed a proper room, not her old bedroom, which is fit for a child only.  As I am now 64 it will not be long before she takes over.

John did another painting of me.  I look even older of course.


He has now reached the top of the career which was something to do with architecture, so he is now the town planner.


Lucretia returned home and has ideas for the improvement of the house.  She and her father have got together to look at improvements for the town – housing, eating places, and shops.  She has some good ideas.  She will do well.


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