The royal children

Valenzuela quickly grew to a toddler.  After a while, Lucretia thought it wouldn’t hurt for Valenzuela to have a younger brother or sister.  She and Garcia tried for a baby and she soon became pregnant.  [Unfortunately, there are no pics!]

In the meantime, Jah passed away.  Garcia for one, did not mourn his loss.  He hadn’t’ approved of Jah’s familiarity with the queen.  Jah had been a free man before marrying Donna and would often behave inappropriately, Garcia felt.  That left only Jah’s son, Hano, now an adult, to cook, clean, and repair.

To Lucretia’s dismay, she gave birth to twins!  She felt guilty for breaking her mother’s rule of having no more than two children.   They were both girls, named Arya and Silencia.  Silencia, as you can imagine, is destined for a nunnery.  Lucretia was very tired, and Garcia was busy at work, so it was left to Hano to look after the babies.


Before long, Valenzuela grew to school-age,


and the twins grew to toddlers.  They look identical, and Valenzuela looked just the same when she was a toddler.



Valenzuela was not impressed, no longer being the only princess.  She teased the twins often.



The twins didn’t get much attention at all.  Lucretia was often tired or bored and had no real interest in demanding toddlers.  Garcia tried his best but neither of them learned to walk or talk.


However, Lucretia did have time for Valenzuela, her heir.



Valenzuela felt special then.  Her sisters were too young to sit at the table..

but then they grew up to school age just before her own birthday.  The twins’ birthday went by with no ceremony.  Arya was proving to be a handful, both as a toddler, and nearly missing school, taking more interest in the flowers in the garden.

Valenzuela finally celebrated her birthday with a cake, and a visit from her uncle and aunt, Lukan and Rebecca.



She looks very like her father.

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