The Harris family

The family of Lucretia’s brother, Lukan, has been neglected!

Lukan and Rebecca had a second son, Yohanes.  The boys grew quickly and did well in their studies.


Lukan continued to climb the political career.  Lukan is now a senator and hoping to become mayor of Desiderata Valley soon.


Rebecca, meanwhile, always seems to worry for no reason.


Winter grew to a teenager.


He was ambitious and felt it was unfair that his father was not king and that he was not an heir to the throne.  It irked him.

His brother, Yohanes, was destined for the monastery.  Yohanes didn’t seem to mind that.  He enjoyed studying and did not want a career in the military or politics.  He knew about Winter’s secret yearn to be king and teased him about it.  Naturally, this just angered Winter.



They fought often.

Winter’s only solace was having met a beautiful young woman who seemed to come out of nowhere.  She wore the odd garb of the common folk, but her beauty dazzled him.  Her name was Elle.


Winter fell in love.


It was some relief to all when Winter left for university.  Peace reigned in the house.


Winter was delighted to find that Elle was in the same dormitory – a dormitory for nobles and the rich.  She was also now dressed appropriately.


Winter did not want to foresee a future without her, so he proposed.


She accepted,


although neither of them seemed exactly happy about that.


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