Time has moved on

It has been a year since I blogged about this family.  I haven’t played the neighbourhood in that time either.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t brought the blog up to date before leaving.  There are several pictures of events which occurred after the last entry.  I will do my best to catch up.

Firstly a few pics of family life as we’d left it.

Garcia with daughter, Arya

Hano serves Silencia.

Silencia tries to get her mother’s attention.

Lucretia talking domestic arrangements with Hano.

Valenzuela meeting a strange-looking townie.

The “house” has expanded into more castle-like proportions and the beginnings of a garden at the back.

Lucretia enjoys a game with a local wolf.

It soon became time for Valenzuela to go to university.  She had become an attractive young princess.

Lucretia farewells her oldest daughter.

The twins grew to teenagers.



Garcia grew to an elder – quite a handsome one.

Lastly, for this family, Valenzuela as she is at university.

Next up, the latest on the Harris family.

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