The Harris family moves; a wedding

Last we saw, Winter was at university and had proposed to Elle.  He returned home but it was evident that the small house was not big enough for two couples.  They started looking for a bigger house.

Rebecca, meanwhile, had a chat to Cadfael, the monk, to see if he would accept Yohanes.

He was quite happy to take him on.  Yohanes moved out and into the monastery.

The Harris family moved into a new house, not quite grand enough for royalty but it was all that they could find in the neighbourhood.  Winter’s fiancee moved in as well.

Lukan, now an elder, is now mayor of Desiderata Valley.

Winter and Elle got married soon after.

Winter followed the tradition of taking his wife’s surname – Guevara.

The wedding guests included Queen Lucretia, taking a back seat.

They had a wedding cake…

and toasts to the happy couple.

Lukan made a great speech, very proud of his oldest son and his choice of wife.

He and Rebecca were very happy.

The guests mingled and had a great time.

The newly-married couple had a modest meal before heading off on a honeymoon.

Although the wedding had been lovely outside in the garden, Lucretia did wonder if there should be a chapel specially built for when the weather wasn’t quite so clement.

Life settled into a routine, but things still irked Winter.  He brought up the unfairness of the female of the line inheriting the crown.  This angered Lukan.

He told Winter categorically that that was the way it was and not to dishonour his grandmother’s memory.  What right did he have to go against the rule of law?  What made him think he was better suited to the crown than a woman?  He gave Winter quite a lecture.

And now, I hope, there will be more frequent updates for a time, until the other neighbourhood lures me away once again.

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