An anniversary party

Lucretia grew to an elder and posed for a new painting.

Both Lucretia and Garcia wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary so they decided to have a party.  Unfortunately, it was Garcia who invited guests so Lucretia’s brother, Lukan, and family, were not invited.  Garcia invited his old friends, Til and Nikko, who hadn’t aged at all.  Valenzuela came over from university and met them both.  She didn’t really like Til.

She did get on well with Nikko though.  There’s potential there.

The twins ignored it all and just ate.

The royal couple were still very much in love.

Lucretia had a late dinner after the guests had left.

Garcia, meanwhile, was assuring Silencia that a life devoted to the higher power was a worthy one.  (She was destined for the ‘monastery’.)


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