Elle fell pregnant quickly and soon gave birth to a girl they named Primavera.

Winter with his new daughter

Lukan was delighted to have a granddaughter.

She grew to a toddler in no time at all.

Winter was wanting a boy, though, so he could push his idea of the male inheriting.  Elle found herself pregnant again pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, Yohanes secretly kept meeting a woman he’d met at university, Violet Jocque.  She had moved back to the village and moved in with a merchant, Harry, to help him out with the business.  However, she continued to have secret midnight trysts with Yohanes without Cadfael knowing.

There are no photos!


Violet found she was pregnant.  She talked to Harry about it.

He agreed to marry her and bring up the child as if it were his own.

Violet was relieved.  However, before they could arrange the wedding, Violet gave birth – to a boy she named, rather obviously, Yohan.

They got married as soon as possible afterwards, Harry taking Violet’s name.

Violet had grown to love Harry, and promised him that she would no longer see Yohanes.

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