Back from uni

Valenzuela did not enjoy university.  She found that it dragged and the fellow students were boring.  She didn’t see any reason to continue, because as future queen, she wouldn’t be required to work.  So she dropped out.

When she arrived back home, she found her parents flirting and carrying on with each other at the front of the castle.

She hoped that she would find someone to love so deeply, who would love her back equally so and after so many years’ marriage.

She asked her father about it over a game of chess.

He didn’t know what the secret was.  “Ask your mother” he said, but her mother seemed too busy thinking about her own mortality, staring at a picture of her mother.

It got Valenzuela thinking about her life, and about Nikko.  Was she right about her feeling for him?  She decided to invite him round and see.

She was very glad to see him.

When he left again, Valenzuela found herself thinking of him often.  She coiuldn’t be bothered conversing with her sisters.

She decided that Nikko must be the one and invited him over again.

He said he loved her!  Valenzuela took the plunge and asked if he would marry her.  He accepted.

He moved in, and they started making wedding preparations… some more eagerly than others.



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