The wedding

The twins were about to head to university, but Valenzuela wanted them to stay for the wedding first, which ended up being an evening event.  She got ready.

Her Uncle Lukan got the best view.

Dinner was served afterwards.

Silencia and Garcia

The groom, Nikko, and Rebecca seem shocked that the servant, Hano, sits with them.

Hano does do some clearing up afterwards and gives Rebecca a good stare in return.

Lucretia tries to entertain Nikko’s friend, Til.  He doesn’t enjoy it.

He pleads for her to stop.

How rude.

Arya doesn’t feel comfortable being around Til.

Lucretia wanted to talk with Lukan about rumours of his son’s disloyalty, but it wasn’t the time.

The happy couple enjoyed themselves after everyone left.

The twins, satisfied that they’d seen their sister safely married, headed off to university.

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