The queen dies

Lucretia finally succumbed, at the age of only 64.

Everyone in the household mourned.  Garcia was devastated.

Arya heard the news at university.

Valenzuela was shocked.  She had thought her baby would be born before Lucretia died.  It was not to be.  Yet another queen dies before the birth of her grandchildren.

Lukan was stunned at the news.  He thought he would be the first to go, being 6 years older.

At his house, meanwhile, his granddaughters grew up.  First Primavera:

then Hivera:

Lucretia had suggested that Lukan and family move into a newly built castle, as befitting their status.  Lukan had wondered about it – it was pricey.  However, annoying new neighbours had moved into a cottage next door.  That triggered his decision, as well as the move being a sort of tribute to his sister – taking her advice from her final days.

The new abode:

The neighbours across the road introduced themselves: the Foxgroves.

They invited themselves to dinner.

Lukan had to ask them to leave when it got late.

Winter did not participate at all.  He was still sulking after an argument with his father.  After Lucretia’s death he had suggested that Lukan seize the crown.  Lukan was shocked at the suggestion and firmly refused, urging Winter to promise not to do anything stupid after his death.  Valenzuela would be crowned after her child was born.  She was rightful heir, no argument.  Would Winter listen?

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