After a death, a birth ; the queen is dead, long live the queen

It wasn’t too long after the death of Lucretia, that Valenzuela’s baby was born.

It was a boy, Jarl.  The men were delighted.

Valenzuela was surprised.  She was sure that she would have a daughter.  It was just as well she had asked her mother about sons.  However, it was her duty to try for a daughter, so they did so.

Imagine the blow to Winter: that his cousin should give birth to a son.

Now that the baby had been born, it was time to prepare for the coronation.

Beforehand, Garcia told Nikko about the new documents drawn up regarding the number of children permitted and matrilineal succession.

Nikko was in agreement.

The coronation went ahead as soon as possible.

Long live Queen Valenzuela!


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