Post coronation

Nikko did not approve of Hano’s familiarity with the queen (or indeed the whole family).  He felt he had the right to tell him off.

Hano argued that he had known the family far longer than Nikko – that he was, in fact, born in the castle.

You are a servant and don’t forget it.”

Hano realised the truth of it.

Hano was quite upset.  The old queen would never have treated him that way.

At breakfast, Valenzuela noticed a change in Hano and asked what was wrong.  “Nothing, your majesty”.  It wasn’t up to him to reveal Nikko’s apparent jealousy (for that’s what Hano put it down to).

Meanwhile, the twins dropped out of college, bored, as was everyone, sim god included.

Silencia joined the monastery.

Arya returned home, wanting to be around should Winter try anything stupid.  She talked to her father about being a warrior.  Not for her husbands or babies.  “Ugh.”  Garcia said he’d see what he could do.

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