Winter’s brother has been neglected.  He has a peaceful life in the monastery.  He enjoys sewing and making pottery.  What of his son?

Yohan didn’t have the most attentive of mothers.

He grew to a toddler pretty quickly but his stepfather was a bit loopy.

However, when he wasn’t having one of his episodes he did make toys for Yohan.

It gave Yohan something to do when his mother was sleeping or busy elsewhere.

Violet soon got pregnant to Harry and produced another son, Harold.  (She’s not too good at choosing original names).

Yohan did get potty-trained at least.  Pretty soon he grew to school age so could look after himself.

What of Yohanes himself?  We haven’t seen him since he joined the monastery.  He soon got acquainted with his cousin, Silencia.

“Hallo! I’m your cousin!”

He agreed with Cadfael that having a woman around meant a better quality of food.

Cadfael told her so.

However, her artistic skills weren’t up to much.

Silencia didn’t seem to take her role in the monastery seriously at all.  She played around in the garden…

and Yohanes caught her in the abbot’s private rooms lounging around!

She was young.  She’d learn.

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