Hano and Nikko

Feelings had not improved between Nikko and Hano.

Jarl had grown to a toddler (looking rather like his father).

Nikko did not appreciate Hano (now an elder) teaching Jarl to walk.  He felt that was something a parent should do.

He told Hano to stick to cleaning and cooking, which he didn’t seem to do as often as he should.  Nikko had found his wife emptying garbage from the kitchen and she was pregnant!

Unfortunately for Hano, the queen was present without his knowledge when he started on Nikko outside the castle.

This was not acceptable, a servant haranguing the prince consort!

Valenzuela talked sternly to Hano.

Hano tried to argue, as he had done with Nikko.  He felt he was a part of the family.  His own mother had served the first queen for many years.  Valenzuela didn’t tell him that no-one actually liked her.  They were still at it after the sun had set, while Arya lusted after Nikko.

She had started overtly flirting with him which Nikko found disturbing.

She started doing this after she had walked in on him in the bathroom.

He would have to warn Valenzuela.  Perhaps she could live elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Valenzuela told Hano he had to leave.  It was unacceptable for a servant to behave the way he had done.  Hano was shocked but left meekly.  They would have to do their own cooking and cleaning now, he thought.  Let’s see how they like that.

Still, he was very sad as he left the place of his birth, where he’d lived for 55 years.

Arya assured her sister that she’d done the right thing.

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