Valenzuela gave birth to her second child.

To her utter surprise it was another son.  It was as if she had been psychic when she’d asked her mother about having sons.  She named him Yohn, after her grandfather.

Garcia proudly held his second grandson, so grateful for having lived long enough to see them.  There would be no queen next time.  For that he was grateful, considering what actions Winter might take.

Meanwhile, at the keep, Elle also gave birth in the dirty cell.

It was a boy, Winter’s longed-for son.  She knew they would soon take him away, so spent as much time with him as possible.

But then they came and took Elle away, leaving the baby in the cell.  She screamed and clutched at the bars, yelling for her baby.  The two men who had kidnapped her, blindfolded her again, then dumped her back at her home.  They ignored her pleas the whole time, as if they were deaf.  Elle pined for her son.  Secretly she had given him the name Ulric, but hadn’t had time to tell the guard before she was taken from him.

The baby stayed in the cell while the guard (his name was Nobs) spoke to the woman who was to look after him.

“Are you ready for him? You got the money?”

“A boy, is it?  Yes, I got the money.  I’ll look after ‘im.”

Ulric, now a toddler, would soon have a better life than the present one in the cell…

He was taken to the woman (her name was Daisy Field).  She named the boy Alfred.



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