Elsewhere in the realm

Yohan wasn’t particularly happy with his little half-brother.  He was smelly and noisy.

He went to get his mother to do something about it, but she was asleep.

He also didn’t like it when his mother kissed and hugged her husband!  (He wasn’t Yohan’s father.)

Funnily enough, he met the new “mother” of his cousin.  Daisy was visiting the “shop”.  (Harry was always too depressed to make much.  He just had a few plates and a couple of toys to sell.)

Meanwhile, over at the monastery they talked about recent events – the abduction of Elle and the seizure of the baby.  “My brother is a fool.  He’s always had this dangerous notion of wanting to rule.  I understand Elle is back home at least.  The god knows what Winter will do now.”  “Time will tell” said Cadfael.

Silencia sat out in the garden enjoying the rare sunshine, thinking of it all.  She wondered what it was like to love and have children, something denied to her just because she was a third child.  She could have been taken away at birth but hadn’t been only because she was a twin.

She thought of Rick Contrary, that strange man at university.  She invited him over just for a chat.  He stayed later than either of them had intended.

Later, she made a confession to Yohanes.

He suggested she seek advice elsewhere.  He had none.

Silencia sat in the chapel for some time, but she felt nothing and no answers came to her.  Could she hide it from the abbot?

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