Elle returns

It was a cold night when Elle returned to the castle, cold and so alone.  She stifled a sob as she ascended the stairs.

Winter was still worried and confused but tried to continue normally for the girls’ sake but hoping Elle would return.  He was about to go downstairs when Elle came up and approached him.

He was so relieved to see her alive and well.

Naturally he noticed that she was no longer pregnant.  Elle told him how they took her to a cell and that she gave birth there.

She went on to tell him that they took the baby away from her.

Then she gently told him that it was a boy.

Winter was devastated.  The son he had always wanted, denied him.  He got angry.

He vowed revenge. He would go to the queen and demand his child back.  There was no other way.  (Sadly, Winter had no friends.  People had distanced themselves from him when they heard that he argued against the queen’s eligibility for the throne.)

Elle pleaded with him not to do anything stupid.  “Please don’t go!  They will arrest you!.. Please!”

But he didn’t listen.  He wanted his son.

He left for the queen’s castle…

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