Winter reached the royal castle and headed up without being stopped.  It was too easy, he thought.

He got inside, immediately saw Garcia just standing there, and approached him.

Garcia was just thinking about food.  He was hungry and Hano was no longer around to cook for them.

“Give my son back!  Where is he?” Winter demanded.

Garcia was vaguely surprised that Winter had just walked in.  At least he wasn’t armed.  He tried to calm him down.

Nikko heard the shouting and came down to try to talk to him, but Winter had just seen the queen upstairs.

He followed her…  and Nikko followed him.  He cursed that he hadn’t put guards on.

Luckily his friend, Til, was in the room with the queen.  Winter approached her and demanded to see his son.

Valenzuela tried talking to Winter.  “He isn’t here…”

“Shall I take him, majesty?” Til asked.  “No, it’s fine.”

However, Winter was irate and would not calm down.

Til got between Winter and the queen while Nikko pulled Valenzuela away from him.  Til waited for her orders.

“Arrest him.  Take him to the keep.” Nikko ordered.  “Give me my son!” Winter cried.

Til and Nikko got behind Winter to prevent him striking the queen as she approached him.

“You disobeyed the rule, purposely trying for a son.  You have to face the consequences.  Forget you ever had a son.  A third child is a non-citizen, should never have existed…  You can’t come barging in here..”

Winter tried to lunge for her but Nikko and Til grabbed hold of him.  Valenzuela walked away “Take him to the keep.”

Til led Winter away.  “I’ll see to it” said Nikko.

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