Elle heard that Winter had been arrested and imprisoned.  She wailed, attracting the attention of Hivera.

She found it extremely lonely without him.

In her absence Primavera had grown to a teenager.

She looks just like her mother.

Meanwhile, Winter found he’d been placed in a damp cell.

It drove him a bit crazy, until he realised he could mop it up.

Little did he know that it was the same cell in which Elle have given birth to his son.

Time passed, and Winter realised he wasn’t going anywhere.  He lived on toaster pastries brought to him by Nobs (he didn’t know how to cook anything else.)

Outside the keep, Nobs came across Hano who offered his services.  “No, no.  I don’t need any help.”

He seemed to appeal to the sim god for help.

“I can cook” said Hano.  “Well, now you’re talking!”  Nobs was sick of cooking the same thing day in and day out.

Winter had put up with toaster pastries for a year in that cell.  Now at least he got fed better, but he was still stuck there with nothing to amuse him.  It began to drive him insane.

He spent another year in the cell, unwashed.

Only after that year had passed did word get to Nobs (from Hano who had withheld the information) that the prisoner was to be transferred to a proper room with books and a bath and such.

He escorted Winter to the new room.

“You’re being moved. Come with me”

It wasn’t a huge room, but at least it was lighter and cleaner than the dark, dingy cell, and he had books to read and a chair to sit on.

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