Arya had taken over Hano’s bedroom, making it more liveable (for her).  She turned the spare bedroom (which was Hano’s when he was a boy) into a weapons room.

She had asked for warrior training but didn’t appear serious enough.  She seemed to be at a loss what to do with her life.

With that in mind, (and not wanting her to lust after her husband) Valenzuela had a talk to her sister.

“Father noticed how you were with Til when he was here recently.”

“Do you like him?”

“He’s pleasant enough.  I don’t know him that well.”

Valenzuela could tell that “pleasant” was an understatement.  She was definitely interested, but trying to appear not so.

“Why don’t you invite him over and get to know him better?”  Arya shrugged.  “Yes, I could do so.”

It was Nikko who invited Til over one night and Arya secretly checked him out.  She found that she was irresistably drawn to him, those pale eyes and flaxen hair.

They talked over dinner and she found she did like him,  a lot.

After that visit, she invited him over herself and flirted with him.

Valenzuela was pleased to see them getting along.  Arya’s attentions had turned away from Nikko finally.

Arya dared to kiss Til – her first ever.

The kiss became more passionate as Til responded.

They then played, Til chasing Arya.

Valenzuela looked out to see Til playing with a wolf.  That was a good sign, as their family had always had an affinity with wolves.

Then when she saw them saying goodbye at the front of the castle, she saw that Arya had indeed fallen in love.

Nikko was happy for his friend when Valenzuela told him.

Arya became a regular visitor to Til’s home.

She already knew Til’s friend, Bard, who had just joined the Queen’s council.

Arya and Til certainly got to know each other better.

Then finally, one day, Til proposed.

Arya accepted, she who had told her father she hadn’t wanted to marry.

Til is not just a friend of wolves.  Penguins, too, are his friends.

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