Winter, part one (of 3)

Winter was going rather crazy in his room.  He started seeing giant one-eyed rabbits, or one in particular.

It annoyed him, so he took out some of his anger and frustration on the poor thing.

After a while, Winter stopped seeing them and settled to his boring life of confinement.  The years passed and he became old.

He had a lot of time for reflection.  He wondered what Elle looked like, as she was the same age.  She would have gone grey too.  Would he ever see her again?

Elle had indeed gone grey.  She took to wearing black, as she had no joy in her life.  Primavera had left for university.  It was just her and Hivera, who would soon leave to attend the special school opened for teenagers not destined for university.

Her health was not so good.

Elle would often sit outside the castle in wait, imagining Winter walking across the moat and up the steps to her.

Her memory started failing her.  Had the queen said 10 or 15 years?  How many years had passed already?  Was the rumour true, that Winter was in the keep’s dungeon for life?  Surely that wasn’t right.  She knew Winter would return.  She just had to wait.

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