The queen and family

Elle was right.  Prince Jarl had indeed grown to a teenager.

He seems to get on with his younger brother (who now looks less like a merchant’s son).  It had looked like he would be a brat.

For official functions he could now join his parents.

“When do I get to sit up there?” “All in good time.”

Valenzuela and Nikko had a talk about Winter’s release.

“Why did you release him early?  Surely he’s still a threat.”

“He’s no threat at all.  He’s old and, rumour has it, senile.  He was seen panhandling at the roadside.  Imprisonment has driven him mad.”

And so the queendom was peaceful and without worry.  The queen and prince consort were still very much in love

(and Nikko relieved that his sister-in-law was settled).

Speaking of whom, Arya found herself with an unplanned pregnancy and gave birth to a son, Wulfric.

Til was an attentive father.

Wulfric quickly grew to a toddler and looks like his father.



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