Primavera marries

Primavera’s fiancé , Edmund, arrived from university.  Elle approved of him.  She liked a man who was fond of his food.

Edmund met Primavera’s father down at the pond.  He hadn’t been at dinner.  Winter had been fishing and seemed distracted.

Edmund remembered that Primavera had said that her father had been in prison but she hadn’t said much about why.  He would ask her later.  Anyone he asked refused to talk about it.

The wedding was set for the next day.  Primavera decided to hold it at the wedding hall in neighbouring Braavos.  Hivera met them there.

Edmund took Primavera’s name.

They had a feast of turkey,

then celebrated with cake,

sharing it at the same table (except for Winter).

He sat on his own, seeming a bit bewildered by other people around him.

While Primavera and her new husband were otherwise occupied…

Winter was having a bit of a breakdown.  Luckily his counsellor was at the wedding to help him through it.  But perhaps they should’ve had a quiet wedding at home.

Later that evening Edmund brought up the subject of Primavera’s father.  What actually had happened to him and why had he been in prison?

Primavera tried to explain about the baby and how her father had gone to the castle.  It appeared that the reason for the imprisonment was not the child but Winter’s “attack” on the queen.  Edmund was shocked.  Had he married into a traitor’s family?  Why hadn’t he known this before?

But then he asked himself if he would have refused to marry Primavera had he known.  He realised he wouldn’t have.  He loved her after all.  Her father had served his time (and a remarkably short sentence, too, so the queen was obviously not too disturbed by it.)  The experience seemed to have affected her father badly.  He didn’t seem quite all there, so Edmund felt pity rather than anger or shame.


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