At the castle

Time was moving on.  Jarl had grown, and his brother, Yohn, was now a teen.



Nikko still had concerns about security.  Bard had not moved in, and the son of a merchant had been caught sneaking around the garden.


“Don’t worry”.

“I do.  I will be old soon, and Jarl will leave for university.  We need some guards”

Valenzuela nodded and let Nikko see to it.


Still, life had been peaceful and perhaps they had taken that peace for granted.


The queen brought Jarl up to speed on events before he left for university,


which he soon did.  Yohn waved him goodbye, but the queen was too busy painting another portrait of her prince.



The queen finished her portrait just before Nikko aged.


He still felt uneasy, and got to work looking for guards.

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