Finding a mate

Over at the barracks, little Wulfric grew so quickly.



He didn’t understand what his parents were talking about.  Something to do with guards and a castle.

Bard, meanwhile, had been distracted by a passing young woman.


She was Miriana Foxgrove.  He hadn’t seen her before, and wondered what she was doing there.  She claimed to be lost after returning from university.


Still, he found her attractive, and had needs.  He was often jealous of the affection Arya and Til had for each other.

Jarl, meanwhile, had reached university.  He decided it wise to ditch the coronet.



His time at university didn’t start well.  He was so busy admiring himself that he missed the first examination.


And there were other distractions.  He met a head-turner, literally.


He got talking to her, but didn’t find out her name or where she was from.


He had to ask a fellow student who she was.  “Some lady.. Arabella”

“Arabella… Arabella…” Jarl kept murmuring the name, and kept a look-out to see her again.  He couldn’t stop thinking of her (which also didn’t impact well on studies).


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