A reunion

Alfred didn’t talk to Daisy for a day.  She hoped that he would just sulk and come to believe her.  In the meantime, she had to get word to Nobs.  She told Alfred that she was going to get some supplies from a nearby farm.  He mumbled that he had homework to do.  Daisy worried, but she had to go.  Alfred, of course, didn’t stay.  The moment Daisy left he was gone, through the woods in a shortcut to the road.  He hitched a ride in a farmer’s wagon and was in the town before long.

Hivera knew he would return.  She smiled and took the nervous Alfred to see his family.  However, it was dark by the time they got there.  To Alfred it looked like a huge castle across a moat.


They ascended the many stairs, and Hivera told Alfred to wait in the hallway while she went up to tell them.  They could hear voices overhead.

Hivera found the family gathered round chatting, except for Primavera who was not at home.


Hivera approached her mother, unsure if Winter had told her.


“Mother, did father tell you about the boy I found, who I think is my brother?…”  “Yes, but I find it hard to believe..”


“Well, I have a surprise for you!”


Hivera called Alfred, who approached nervously.  The woman in front of him was old.  Was she his mother?


“Mother this is Alfred…”


“Mother – I mean Ulric!”



Elle was astounded.  She had never hoped to see her son again.  He had just been a blue-eyed baby, and here was a blue-eyed teenager who looked a little like Winter when he was younger.  She wept and hugged him.  The weeping caught Winter’s attention.  He turned to them.


“Winter, this is our son” Elle kept smiling, then stepped aside for Winter to get a good look.


Winter looked into Alfred’s eyes.  Alfred felt uncomfortable, but he could see more of a resemblance in this old man than in Daisy.


Winter seemed to find it hard to talk.  “My son..” he whispered.


Elle had never felt so happy.  Their son had come home.  She hoped that Winter would sleep easier.


They turned, to see a commoner standing there.


“Alfred, come home.”

Daisy smiled nervously.  She had come on impulse, knowing she was too late to prevent anything, but she had had to try.  “I am home.” Alfred proclaimed.


“What’s going on?” Elle approached.


Daisy turned to the old woman.  How could Alfred prefer a couple of elderly people for parents?  Of course, they had money..

“He’s my son.” she gamely told Elle.


“He is NOT your son!  He was taken from me by force after I, I gave birth to him.”


“You know nothing about him.  I raised him as my own.  He loves me.  He is a stranger to you.


You gave up any rights to him by having an illegal third child!”


“How dare you!  Get out!  Get out of my house!”


Daisy turned to Alfred in desperation.  “Alfred, please..”


“I’m staying here.  You know I can’t go back with you.” he said calmly.  In a way he felt sorry for Daisy.

Daisy knew she was beaten.  There was nothing for it but to go back and admit failure.  What would the queen say?


The instigator of it all sat calmy eating a meal.  She was content.



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