Winter reneges

Elle mistakenly thought having their son back home would ease any old bitterness that Winter had.  He had promised never to pursue his dream of overthrowing the queen.  But, after Alfred lay down to sleep, Winter’s emotions got the better of him.


“I will go to the castle and… ”  “And what?  What will you do?” asked Elle.  “And proclaim my son as the rightful king!”  Elle thought he had at last gone mad.  “No, Winter!  Please, my husband… You promised!  You have your son back.  That is enough, surely!”  “No!  This I must do!”


Even he must have known it was hopeless with no-one to support him.  But he left.

Elle relayed the news to Primavera who had returned home.  Primavera was angry at Hivera most of all, but could do nothing.  Edmund had left for his work, so there had been no-one to prevent Winter leaving.


Elle sat outside, knowing she would never see her husband again.  This time the queen would have no mercy.



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