Winter confronts the queen

Queen Valenzuela was enjoying the night air in the garden when a man approached her.


She was shocked.  How had he got past the guards?  Then she realised it was Winter and was afraid.  She had had the news that his son had found his way back to them.  There had been no time to prevent it.  Surely Winter wasn’t there to bring up his ridiculous claim?


“You know why I’m here.  I will have justice!”

“You will get your justice old man.” Maynard was there and the queen breathed a sigh of relief.


“Leave this place now before you get yourself thrown in the dungeon.”  Winter growled at Maynard “I have a legitimate claim!”, but appeared to think better of any foolish action.  He walked away.


The queen let out a big sigh.  “I apologise, your majesty.  I don’t know how he got past the guards.  I will make certain they are posted.”  “Be quick.”  “Go inside, majesty.”

Valenzuela re-entered the castle, uncertain whether Winter had really gone.  She knew what he was like when riled.  And he was riled, even though he now had his son.  Why such rash action?  If he were serious, he would have first garnered support for his cause.  But perhaps he was just mad.


She breathed a little easier being inside, but then was confronted.  Winter had found his way in!


“I want you to abdicate in favour of my son.  He is the rightful heir, as a direct male line from my father!  I proclaim the throne his!”


“You fool.  This realm is a matriarchy!  Your father was born of a queen, not a king!  You are a fool Winter Guevara!” stressing his last name as different from the royal one.


“Get out of my castle.  For your satisfaction, the next monarch will be a king.  Can that not satisfy you?”


“Don’t you poke me, usurper!”


The queen had no time to react as Winter poked her than slapped her!


“I warned you!” A voice behind Winter growled.


Maynard punched Winter, who felt his nose break.


A fight ensued, Maynard naturally winning with his superior strength.


Winter knew he was beaten.  “Take him away” ordered the queen.


The noise had awakened Prince Yohn.  “Mother!  What has happened?  Are you alright?  I heard…”

“It’s alright, Yohn.  I’m fine.  It’s all taken care of.” She turned away.


“This time there will be no release.”

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