Another reunion

Yohan had finished at the special school, and with no idea what to do with his life, decided to follow his father and enter the monastery.

Yohanes had never really met his son and was surprised to see him.


He was glad to have him there, proud that he was also a pacifist.


Yohan met Ignatia but she took an instant dislike to him.


He had the gift of the gab though, and had her chatting to him in no time at all.


He had brought news of the goings-on at the castle, of Winter’s son and the renewed claim to the throne.  Silencia voiced her concern for the queen, her sister.


“My brother was always a fool.”  “You are not sad at his death?” asked Ignatia.

Yohanes simply shook his head and went back to eating.  “No.”  In actual fact, he had a want to see Winter as a zombie, such was his lack of feeling for his bully brother.

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