Hivera quickly got pregnant after the wedding.  Before long, she gave birth to a boy,


and then another…


She called them Richard and Charles.  She was delighted to have sons.  Her husband, regretfully, seemed more interested in flowers than any ambition for power.


He was pleased to have children, though.


Primavera and Elle visited to see the twins, but Primavera’s main reason was to have it out with Hivera.  Far from being happy to be reunited with her brother, she was furious with Hivera for refuelling their father’s ambitions.


“I blame you for our father’s death!  You couldn’t leave well alone could you?  You had to interfere. I told you!  I told you not to go looking for him, but no, you had to ruin it for everyone!”  “I didn’t look for him.  He came to me…” and so the argument went on.

Elle kept out of the way.  She grieved deeply for Winter,


even forgetting to wash…


“Umm, dear mother-in-law, I think you could do with a bath.”

Primavera was pregnant with her second child and Elle was there to see it born.


It was a second daughter.  Primavera called her Ella after her grandmother.


Primavera’s daughter, Edwina, meanwhile, was growing up.


Not a particularly attractive child, she has her father’s eyes.

The grief was finally too much for Elle.  She died at age 68, just a year after Ella was born.


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