The wedding

Jarl graduated from university along with Arabella, and they headed back to the castle.

Nikko was outside when they arrived and Arabella was introduced.


She found him very friendly, hard to believe he was the queen’s husband.

Valenzuela was delighted to welcome back her son.



She had missed him through that whole business with Winter.  Arabella approached nervously and knelt before the queen.


“You don’t have to do that, my child.  Rise, let me get a good look at you.”


She seemed to approve, and after a brief chat, offered Arabella a choice of several gowns for the wedding.  “Take your pick!”  Arabella followed the queen up to the royal wardrobe, and chose a navy and gold gown.  “Lovely choice”.

The wedding was to take place as soon as possible, and it was a sunny day for the event, so the chapel was not needed.




The queen just stood at the back, watching quietly but proudly.  Jarl had chosen well, she thought.


Nikko was happy for his son (not to mention he had an attractive young daughter-in-law to gaze at.  It had been a household of men).


Bard’s wife, Miriana, was one of the guests.  She has appeared at every wedding so far.


The wedding feast was held inside.


Sir Maynard joined them.  Jarl was not sure what to make of him.  He was single and good-looking.  Jarl had some irrational fear of he and Arabella being attracted to one another.


But Maynard just spoke about security, easing Jarl’s immediate concerns.


Yohn stands behind, seemingly ignored.  He was about to go off to university himself.  Arabella met him, but didn’t seem to think much of him.  He seemed too young to be of an age for university.


All in all, it had been a wonderful day.


But would Jarl’s fears be realised?



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