Update on others

Primavera missed her mother terribly.



The house seemed so empty without her.  Now it was just her and Edmund and the little girls.


Edmund was an especially quiet man.  Sometimes you hardly knew he was there or what he was thinking.


Pretty soon Ella grew to a toddler.  She had Primavera’s blonde hair.


Edwina off to school.


Ella was growing fast.  Soon she would start school too.


Yohn was now at university.  He was also a bit vain, but unlike his brother, he didn’t miss any examinations.


Halfway through his degree he met a beautiful student by the name of Erina.


He fell in love.


The last of Yohn’s time at university flew by.  He graduated, and invited his father, brother, and Sir Maynard (as security) to the graduation.  Yohn introduced his father to his now fiancée.


She seemed unsure what to do.  Should she bow or curtsey?  Nikko, for his part, was just happy admiring another beautiful woman.


Erina was pleased to see that the rest of Yohn’s family liked some fun.

Yohn left for home, unsure if there would be enough room for Erina to join him.  He had heard that Sir Maynard had met someone and was to marry!  That would be three couples living in the castle, and Jarl had told him that Arabella was already pregnant.  However, Erina still had a couple of years of her degree to complete.  Who knew what would happen in that time.

Meanwhile, over at the monastery…


Oh dear.  Silencia was pregnant again, at age 50!  Who was the father?  She wouldn’t reveal it.

She gave birth to a pale little girl, Angelica.


Ignatia cuddles her baby half-sister (aha, the Sim god knows who..)

The queen was not impressed.  No further pregnancies and births at the monastery were permitted.  Transgressors would be thrown out.

More on goings-on at the monastery shortly.





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