At the monastery

Yohanes was now in charge of the library, taking care of, and copying, books.



His son took over some gardening duties.


Meanwhile, a hint as to who the baby’s father might be.


The pale colouring matches Cadfael.


Such a secret would not stay hidden for long.  Ignatia saw and was furious.


There was one day when everyone seemed keen on fishing, that Silencia reflected on the sin she had committed.


She saw Cadfael approach and couldn’t hold back her feelings of guilt.


Cadfael bore the most guilt – being the abbot he should have known better and led by example.

Ignatia told Yohanes about what she’d seen (and heard).  Yohanes was not impressed and accused Cadfael of betraying the queen’s trust.  Cadfael argued back, but knew Yohanes was right.


He asked for forgiveness at the church.


Perhaps the answer to his prayers lay in what happened next.


Death came for him.  He was 72.


An answer also came from the queen.  The child was to be taken away.


Unfortunately, she had taken after her father in looks…

Silencia aged and was sad, over the death of her lover, and the absence of her child.


She knew she had done wrong.  But at least she still had her daughter, Ignatia.

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