Good tidings

Sir Maynard had been out patrolling one winter’s day when he saw a beautiful young blonde woman.


He accosted her, asking her name, where she was going, ostensibly checking security in the region, but really he was very interested in her.


She was new to the region, had come from some distant northern land.  Maynard wondered if she was kin to Til so like him did she seem, with her blue eyes and pale hair.  Her name was Inge Kormakur.

Sir Maynard arranged to see her again and a love blossomed between them.


He wanted to marry Inge, but what would the queen think?  Would Inge be permitted to live in the castle with him?

He spoke to the queen about it,


explaining his love, seeking permission to marry.  The queen first wanted to meet her and Inge was called for.


The queen thought her very suitable and thought she would make a wonderful lady-in-waiting for Arabella.  She was delighted for Maynard and would welcome Inge to the castle.  She also suggested the chapel for the wedding.

Maynard passed on the good news after she accepted his proposal.


Inge met Arabella and was rather too enthusiastic about her pregnancy.


Arabella’s pregnancy rapidly advanced.


The birth was not far off.  For some reason she was in the weapons room when it happened.


At least Inge was there to help her.  The baby turned out to be a boy.


The queen had hoped it would be a girl.  The next one perhaps.

Arabella presented Jarl with his son.


They named him Aldan.

Nikko was delighted with his grandson.


Jarl was later seen berating Arabella, perhaps insisting that the next baby be a girl,  or perhaps telling her off for being in the weapons room at the time of the birth.  Who knows?


Either way, Arabella was chastened.


Meanwhile arrangements were made for Sir Maynard’s wedding.

The day arrived.


Vows exchanged, a kiss,


and they were very happy.


It was a small gathering, Nikko being elsewhere in the realm.


Jarl seems quite taken with Sir Maynard’s bride at the wedding feast.





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