Yohn returns, and leaves…

Yohn returned from university and lived in the new wing of the castle.  His hope was to stay there with his betrothed and be his brother’s right-hand man.


Yohn sleeps in the palatial new wing

However, now that Sir Maynard was married, Inge pregnant, and Jarl wanting to try for a daughter, it soon dawned on Yohn that he could not stay – not, at least, until one or both of his parents died.


Yohn took it in his stride and made plans to move out.



Jarl seems to find it amusing that the Lady Greyson is upset by a wolf fight.


He appears to ignore his baby son (but his son looks for him).


Sometimes Aldan gets forgotten,


but he grew quickly.


Everyone but Jarl appears to look after him.  Is Jarl jealous or just doesn’t care?


Valenzuela and Nikko are still very much in love (although the place to show it is odd).


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