and gets married

Yohn moved into a small residence, previously lived in by his great uncle Lukan.  In fact, Winter had been born there.


It didn’t mean anything to Yohn.  It was just a place to be with Erina when she returned from university, which she soon did.


Yohn adored her, but did she just want to marry a rich Sim?


Was he rich enough for her?  Was she disappointed that they weren’t living in the castle?

They made arrangements for the wedding and Yohn invited Alfred as well.



Strangely, the queen didn’t watch, or even take a seat…


Finally she turned around to see the happy couple kiss.



Yohn took his wife’s name – Nord, so relinquishing any claim to the throne.

Jarl finds the new fashion trend of a short cape rather… interesting.


A stray dog joined in on the celebrations.


Nikko, at least, chatted to the newly-weds.  He was proud of both his sons.


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