Sorrow, love, and growing up

Yohanes was now the abbot.


Some new blood was needed in the monastery though.  It was now just him, his son, and the two nuns.

Ignatia grew to adulthood and cried over not having had the opportunity to go to university.


Meanwhile, news came to the monastery of the death of little Angelica who was five years old.


Silencia resigned herself to a sad and lonely life.


Silencia’s sister was happier.


It amused Wulfric to see his parents still so much in love.  Arya, incidentally, is now the town mayor.

Little Roland would wander the barracks, get lost, and fall asleep.  No-one seemed to miss him.


He grew quickly,


but could learn some table manners.


His habits didn’t change.  He still wandered the barracks and fell asleep.


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