Lady Greyson was delighted to discover she was pregnant.  As she held Prince Aldan, she imagined holding her own child.  She wanted to share that joy with her husband.  Sir Maynard, however, knew the truth – that there was no room for their child in the castle if Prince Jarl was to try for a baby girl.


As Inge’s time came near, she was sent to the monastery to have the baby.


She was not impressed with what she found there.  The monks and nuns seemed to do nothing but gossip and laze around.



They seemed to ignore her, and gave no comfort for her aching back.


She thought perhaps it was just their day for talking or not working, but the longer she stayed there, the more it went on.


She tried to bring it up with the abbot but the others were arguing and she couldn’t get a word in.


Finally she brought it up with the abbot.


He didn’t take kindly to Inge’s complaints or suggestions.  Who did she think she was?

Inge had no time for any further thought on the matter, as she went into labour.


She gave birth to a son, and called him Luther.


It was only then that she realised that she had to either stay at the monastery with her son, or return to her husband without her child.  She couldn’t bear the thought of living indefinitely in this madhouse, so made preparations to return to Maynard.  The nuns seemed well able to take care of her baby.


Before Inge left, tragedy struck, as Yohanes’ time had come.  He had not been abbot for long at all.


He was 72 also.


Now Silencia was abbess, in a monastery of three (plus a baby).

Back at the castle, Inge was sad.  How she missed her baby boy.


She tried to direct her maternal love towards Prince Aldan, who was now a toddler,


but it was not the same.

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