Hivera heard that Ulric had had a son.  It seemed like fate.  If her father had been king, then Ulric would now be, and his son would be the next king.  It seemed right.  He still called himself Alfred though, which seemed to dishonour her parents’ memory.  She invited him over to sound him out.


She congratulated him on his son and asked about his family.  Alfred was happy to share.  Hivera asked what he did for a living now.  Alfred responded that he was an advisor to the queen.


This greatly surprised Hivera.  Obviously the queen trusted him.  This was useful!

“Then you can know the affairs of state.  You can obtain much useful information!”

“Useful for what?” asked Alfred, confused.

“You and your son are the rightful heirs, you know that.  With the queen’s trust in you, you could easily make plans…”

Alfred could not believe what he was hearing.  Surely she couldn’t be serious?


Alfred stood.  “Plans for what, exactly?”

“Plans to overthrow..”

“Stop right there!  I have absolutely no interest in your plans.  What you are saying is treason!”


Hivera didn’t seem to listen to him.  This was serious.  Was there some madness in her family?


He took his leave.  “Ulric!”  He turned, slightly surprised at her using his birth name.

“I’d appreciate it if you said nothing of this conversation.”

What was he to do?

Meanwhile, Hivera encouraged her favourite son, Richard, to be dominant.  He would be the one, she decided.  She would train him.


Richard was mean to his father as well as to his twin brother.  Hivera turned a blind eye.


Hivera’s plans needed money.  She obtained some from somewhere and secreted it away.  Now she needed some support for her cause.  She planned to visit the people and spread gossip and lies in the name of her cause.  It didn’t have to happen overnight.  Her sons were still young.  There was time.



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