Edwina was now a teenager.


She may not have been the most beautiful of girls, Primavera thought, but she had a good head on her.

Ella had grown too, and enjoyed her father’s storytelling.


The family nearly had enough money to buy the empty castle that her grandfather had wanted.  When they moved, Hivera and her family could move in here, she thought.  She invited Hivera over to share the news.



Hivera seemed excited and said it worked in well with her plans.  Primavera frowned.  What plans?  But Hivera wouldn’t share them.  Primavera sincerely hoped that her sister didn’t have any stupid ideas and told her so.  Hivera just laughed.

Later, Primavera shared her worries with Edmund.


He told her not to worry.  What could she do, after all?  Alfred was not interested in any spurious claim.  Surely she couldn’t mean that?

Primavera said nothing more.  They prepared for a move.  The girls would be glad not to have to climb the stairs every day.






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