Prince Aldan grew quickly.


He did wonder why the Lady Greyson cried.  Was she not happy for him?


Inge hoped that Luther was being well looked after at the monastery.  She thought of him daily.

Things had not changed there.  The gossip continued.


Luther didn’t quite get the attention he required.


Silencia still mourned her cousin’s death.  It brought her death closer – the realisation she was getting older.

Ignatia had to rescue the child.


Luther grew quickly.  It had been his birthday when Inge had cried.  Yohan noticed a very odd thing about the child.  He had elvish ears.  Surely… surely Sir Maynard was not… an elf!


The monastery had become very quiet, with just the three of them.  Yohan found himself gazing at Ignatia…


It was not permitted!  He had to stop such thoughts.


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