Another child

When Inge had been at the monastery, Jarl and Araballa tried for another child.  It took several attempts but finally Arabella fell pregnant.  The queen prayed it would be a girl.

The day arrived.


Arabella presented the queen with a granddaughter.


She had done her duty.  Valenzuela was relieved.  Such a lovely little girl.  She passed the baby onto her father.


They named her Samira.

Everyone celebrated.  An heir!


The household had been woken up for the early morning birth.  Arabella had never seen Sir Maynard dressed so.


She secretly lusted after his body.  She had to tear her eyes away before he noticed her staring.

Nikko and Valenzuela were exceptionally pleased at having a granddaughter.


Now, hopefully, the rumours held no sway.

Prince Aldan found out he was no longer the heir…


He was no longer special.

Valenzuela had an extension put onto the castle – somewhere she could work on plans for the future, which seemed uncertain while Hivera schemed.



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