Luther learned very quickly, learning how to walk and talk in one day. He doesn’t look very baby-like, and Yohan let Luther’s hair grow long to hide his ears.  He had asked about Sir Maynard, but the knight had normal ears.  Perhaps he was half elf?




Silencia, meanwhile, was starting to feel old and wondered when her time would come.


Over by the sea, Yohn kept himself busy practising his sword moves, while Erina watched.



She wondered if he would ever need those skills and hoped not.


They hadn’t planned on starting a family, but Erina soon found herself pregnant.


She found the wait tedious but tried to keep herself occupied.


Yohn wasn’t exactly keen on becoming a father but pretended he was.


Erina’s time came and she gave birth to a girl she called Ashera.



Yohn showed no interest in the baby. He finished his meal and left to ask the queen if the baby were even allowed. He was sure he’d read some rule somewhere that forbade it?


He walked to the castle through the shopping area, his thoughts ajumble.


“Yohn, how lovely to see you! And I hear you are going to be a father.”

“About that. Isn’t there a law somewhere that the second son has to go to a monastery and not breed?”


“A monastery or the military.  You are of more value to your brother as a warrior and adviser.  As for breeding… perhaps it’s as well to have a ‘spare’ heir.”


“Erina just gave birth to girl”.  “Wonderful! Then what are you doing here? Go back to her, she’ll be tired and need help!”

So that was that. Yohn breathed a sigh of relief, but would try to make sure no further children were produced.


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