Much has happened

I left the queendom to pursue another neighbourhood without having blogged the latest! I therefore have many pics of events without the immediate memory. What an idiot!

So, last we saw, Val and Nikko were discussing the visitor and hoping that things would improve (and that they’d stay around long enough to witness them).

Alas, Val’s fears were realised.  When Nikko didn’t appear downstairs to break his fast one morning, she went up to check on him and found that he had passed away.


She sat on the bed for some time gazing at him.


She knew she had to break the news.


Arabella tried to stay cheerful for Aldan’s sake, but she was sad.


Jarl was in shock. He hadn’t realised how ill his father had been. He had lived to the age of 73 which was a good age after all, but still.


They arranged a private burial. Aldan came to understand what had happened.



Even a wolf paid its respects.


Jarl still couldn’t quite believe it.


He almost felt angry at his father for leaving them, and especially for leaving his mother to cope with such grief.



Val stayed behind after the others left, for some time alone.


Jarl stole away to a quiet place.


Jarl missed his father a great deal.


More soon.

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