A new resident

Maynard knew full well that Inge missed her son.


He asked the queen if Luther might be able to live with them. Valenzuela was happy to give her approval. Perhaps another child in the castle would cheer her.

Luther was given the news and was excited. He waited to be escorted to the parents he didn’t know. What were they like? What would it be like living in a castle? He could barely contain himself.


Inge was absolutely ecstatic at seeing her son again.


And for Maynard, it was the very first time he’d seen Luther.


Jarl came to see what the commotion was about.


It was nice to see people happy again, but Jarl was still grieving.

Maynard told the boy he had to behave himself in the castle, and especially in front of the queen and prince.


“And princess” whispered Arabella. Maynard hadn’t even noticed her standing there.

It was all quite new and overwhelming for Luther. He was glad to have finally met his father (even though he didn’t remember his mother). He was very happy.


He explored a bit and found lots of interesting little rooms. It was fun, and he hadn’t even met prince Aldan – someone he could play with!


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