A new sovereign

Jarl became the first king of Desiderata Valley. His household swore allegiance to him, even though he thought it unnecessary, but Haldus insisted.



He was finally on the throne. It only seemed like yesterday that he asked his father when he could sit there. Now he was, he wasn’t sure he liked it. He was glad he had Haldus but was sad to have lost Bard who had also been a counsellor.

Yohn arrived late to the ceremony and was unsure how to address his brother, the king.


Jarl let him suffer for a bit, then just dropped the formalities. He was glad to see his brother.


“So, how does it feel to be king?”


“Too early to say.”

Sir Maynard brought it home to him though, expressing his concerns.


“Later. I’ll call a counsel. We’ll discuss it later.”

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