One of the first new warriors to arrive was Brom Stonegate.


He was a little baffled to enter and find a high-class woman talking to a boy about music. Was this the royal barracks or not?


He went in search of a captain, but only found Wulfric who explained that women and children were leaving to make room. Erina and her daughter would move in with Miriana behind the barracks. So much for her dream of living in the castle.

Hivera, now residing in Primavera’s castle, didn’t have much success with promoting her claim to new resident, Adela Heatherton, who had moved into Hivera’s former house.


Adela wasn’t particularly interested,


and positively cringed at the woman’s bold plans.


She wanted nothing more to do with it and sent her on her way.

Adela’s brother, Harald, just looked on with mild curiosity. Adela told him all later. This was a concern. Perhaps she was just the local madwoman?


Now that Richard was coming of age, Hivera outlined her strategy.


She now knew who her supporters were and could drum up enough to put her plans into action. “I hope you have been practising your skills, Richard.”


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