Primavera’s family

Primavera and her family had moved into the house her grandfather had wanted.


Edmund had his birthday shortly afterward.


Edwina, meanwhile, grew to an adult and was bitterly disappointed that she had not been permitted to attend university.


She was looking a little chubby, but lost the weight soon after.


She wanted to move out but where to go?


Primavera suggested she look for a nice young man in the village.

Edwina just sighed – her mother was getting senile. “Nice young man” indeed – there was barely anyone suitable. Did Edwina really just want a husband and children? She wondered about the option of becoming a warrior or enter politics – something useful.

Ella, on the other hand, was thinking of becoming a nun. They needed more worshippers there, she’d heard.


Whatever her daughters decided to do, Primavera was at peace with the world.


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